Macular Hole Closure Without Endotamponade Application

Stopa and co-workers describe an alternative vitreoretinal technique that allows for the macular hole closure without filling the vitreous cavity with gas. The patients underwent the formation of viscoelastic-assisted temporal internal limiting membrane flap without any gas endotamponade. In this prospective case series macular hole closure was achieved with a single procedure in 11 of 12 eyes with no endotamponade application. Stopa and co-workers cocluded that this technique avoids the application of any tamponade, does not require positioning, and seems to provide macular hole closure rates similar to those of traditional vitrectomy with gas.

Stopa M, Ciesielski M, Rakowicz P. Macular Hole Closure Without Endotamponade Application. Retina. 2020. doi: 10.1097/IAE.0000000000002850.



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