Peripheral cystoid degeneration may be associated with the pathogenesis of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Nishitsuka and co-workers examined the peripheral vitreous and retina in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) using intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT). The researchers retrospectively included 50 eyes of 50 patients that underwent vitrectomy using intraoperative OCT for treating RRD. During vitreous shaving with ocular indentation, the intraoperative OCT findings of the peripheral vitreous and retina were recorded and analyzed postoperatively.

Peripheral cystoid degeneration was detected on the peripheral retina of 27 eyes (54%). Furthermore, cystoid degeneration was detected around the retinal tear (5 patients), at the detached retinal area (8 patients), and at the attached retinal area (14 patients).

Nishitsuka and co-workers proposed that peripheral cystoid degeneration might be associated with the pathogenesis of RRD.

Nishitsuka K, Nishi K, Namba H, et al. Peripheral Cystoid Degeneration Finding Using Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography in Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment. Clin Ophthalmol. 2021;15:1183-1187.



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