Laser Induced Maculopathy-August 2021

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the section of question of the month and answered the question. In this month’s question, the diagnosis in the young and otherwise healthy male who has blurred vision in the left eye for 3 days was asked.

The answer the question is ‘Laser Induced Maculopathy‘. The results of the lottery among those who answered the question correctly, the winner of this month’s book prize is Dr. Pedro Javier. Congratulations to him.

Laser devices are widely used for medical, military, industrial and entertainment purposes. This extensive and unregulated use of lasers can cause variety of maculopathies that can result in permanent vision loss.

Sayman Muslubas I, Hocaoglu M, Arf S, Özdemir H, Karacorlu M. Macular Burns from Nonmedical Lasers. Turk J Ophthalmol 2016;46(3):!38-143.




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