Arteriovenous Malformation- May 2023

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the section of question of the month and answered the question. In this month’s question, identify the OCT finding in patient with Wyburn-Mason Syndrome was desired.

The answer to the question is ‘Arteriovenous Malformation. The result of the lottery among those who answered the question correctly, the winner of this month’s book prize is Ramkailash Gurjar, MD. Congratulations to him.

Wyburn-Mason syndrome is a rare sporadic disorder characterized by ipsilateral arteriovenous malformations of the retina, brain, and occasionally facial skin. Retinal AVMs present as dilated and tortuous retinal vessels of varying size and severity. SD-OCT demonstrates multiple large inner retinal vessels that created prominent shadowing artifact.

Chowaniec MJ, et al. Anomalous optical coherence tomography findings in Wyburn-Mason syndrome and isolated retinal arteriovenous malformation. Journal of AAPOS, 2015.

Ramkailash Gurjar, MD

Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi, India

Dr Ramkailash Gurjar is graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India in 2015. He completed his PhD in Transnational Medicine and Surgery at University of Perugia, Italy in 2022. He is working as clinical research scientistat Stem Cell Research Department,Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi, India. ‘An International Comparison of Baseline Characteristics of Patients Undergoing Initiation of Anti-VEGF Theraphy for DME’, ‘OCT-Angiography as a reliable prognostic tool in laser-treated proliferative diabetic retinopathy: The RENOCTA Study’ and ‘Choroidal vascularity profile in diabetic eyes using wide field optical coherence tomography’ are his main articles.



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